lundi 29 janvier 2018

More snow at the end of last week and the weekend, a welcome end to the rain...and now sun at last. 

Another sick hen - Henna - who quick suffered paralysis. Marek's virus or botulism were the obvious culprits. After 48 hours of nursing she has begun to recover - so botulism is the likely cause (there would be no recovery from Marek's). Chickens can pick botulism bacteria up from eating maggots or surprisingly rotting cabbage leaves! It's different strain of the bacteria to that which affects humans and so there is no danger to our health.

Today we headed out as the sun was shining, for as quick snowshoe up Cap de Bouirex.

A buried snow man giving us the finger

Where eagles dare

Montcalm and Pics d'Estats above the clouds

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