lundi 4 juin 2018

Sheep shearing

We found out a few weeks ago that Transito who comes to Susie's dance classes used to be a sheep shearer, and she agreed to come and shear our sheep. I have some sheep electric shears but they always seemed to just get stuck and I assumed I lacked technique or the shears were poor. In flat it turned out they were blunt and after some honing on the diamond stone they worked fine. Transito hadn't sheared for 10 years but her technique hadn't been lost and she made light work of the sheep.


Rupert was also on his annual visit and got to see all the action which might come in handy as he's just bought a 100 acre farm in Australia!

Just before the shearing we noticed that one of the lambs, "tiny dancer" was very lame after some inspection we think he fractured his front leg below the knee. Some bandages, a splint made from half a piece of bamboo of the appropriate diameter and hopefully it'll heal in a couple of weeks.

Another new orchid discovery at Quélébu - a bee orchid

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