mardi 24 mars 2020

Been a while!

Not many posts recently because we've been rushed off our and had visitors (Jen, Susie's sister). Jen came just as the coronovirus was coming to a head and she was lucky to get one of the last flights back to the UK before the lockdown here in France. I celebrated my birthday just after she left and Susie and I lunched on the terrace with a fantastic chocolate cake Susie baked with sugared violets from the chemin.

With the good weather I've been cracking on with converting the woodshed into a workshop and 5 tonnes of concrete later, some timber framing and reuse of old windows, its beginning to take shape. 

The mammoth task of clearing and fencing the Pla d'Artigue is finally over and the sheep are enjoying the new field. Alas Hopi's baby died at 3 days old despite our best efforts to save her...our only loss in this year's lambing. I'll have to check Hopi for mastitis.

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