mardi 29 septembre 2020

Meteo France

Meteo France completely revamped their weather website and I am sorry to say it is absolutely awful. Lots of web design (not particularly inspiring) but much less actual content. Whoever was in charge of it should be sacked. 

There are buttons to select forecasts for 7 days or 14 days but whichever you press you only get 5 days on the screen and have to scroll to see the other 2 or 9 days, so why bother having the option of 7 or 14 days? The point of a long range forecast is to be able to see the evolution of the weather at a glance i.e. being able to see all 14 days on the screen at once.

For the mountain forecasts, none of the automatic weather stations are available anymore - which gave historical and present data for temperature, wind speed (maximum gust and average speed) and snow depth over the winter - crucial safety information for skiers and mountaineers.

Neither are there any menus presently to get avalanche safety bulletins, or snow depth by aspect and altitude. 

I wrote to them asking why all this vital information had been dropped and they said they were hoping to add more features back to the new site over the coming months....One has to ask why they took down the old fully functioning site and replaced it with one that is far from finished?

Please give us access to the old site until the new one is ready! and give excellent forecast information but no historical data which allows you to judge the snow conditions.

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