samedi 25 mars 2006

Earplugs please!

The Faculty of Building dinners...they happen every few months in Bristol and attract the good, the bad and the ugly, from the building professions in the, engineers, quantity survetors, architects, etc. I generally avoid them like the plague but went to one last Friday. Lots of people seem to thrive on it, you see them holding court - glad handing everyone in sight.
True, they are quite useful 'networking' events but I find the 'mass dining/socialising' thing so tiresome. Too many (boring) people crammed in a room - the temperature rises, the noise level increases - you have to shout at the person sitting/standing next to you to hold a conversation, whats the point?

This goes for most (city) pubs and bars in the UK too. I went out last weekend with some friends to a bar. The atmosphere was fine, the pub full but not overflowing. Then the barman cranked up the music, 'cos it was Saturday night. Soon everyone was having to shout to be's the same in the all the pubs here...but why? Don't people want to engage with each other any more?

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