jeudi 30 mars 2006

Hello software from Google - useless!

"hello" software is a bunch of crap. Everytime I try to use it to post to my blog, I get a message saying " a hello embedded error has occurred". I went on the Hello on line help to find hundreds of people with the same problem, going back over 12 months. Any solutions from the wizards at google? you bet not - they don't seem to give a shit. As long as people keep downloading the software and the share price is up who cares if it doesn't work. Posted by Picasa

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Tanya a dit…

Sounds frustrating. I haven't had problems with Hello myself but I quit using it when I figured out I could just click on the image icon in blogger and upload images through their intrerface. I don't know why I didn't figure that out before! Anyway, if I'm the one who led you astray with Hello, I do apologize!