lundi 28 août 2006

All this was fields when I was a boy

Met a man today who was born in one of the houses at quelebu. He lived there with five other members of his extended family in a tiny house. Now he lives in Aleu but he was telling me how they had to fetch water everyday from the well which is about 200m away and how back then it was still mostly fields (I guess he was in his mid to late fifties).

Talking of fields here is one of mine under clearance...

...and here's the path to get to it.

2 commentaires :

Anonyme a dit…

Ere boy, if I come back to France and work would you pop up for some Touring do you think? Jp

Lee Sharp a dit…

Ah, reckon so...whats with all the "ere boy" stuff? You gone all all country bumpkin from being in NZ for a few weeks?