jeudi 17 août 2006


The drive back from the UK with a trailer load of tools and furniture was pretty awful. Torrential rain all the way to Limoges and had to stop just short of Toulouse for a few hours sleep - 23 hour trip in all.

The shed is now watertight and secure and all my tools are at last out of the house, good to have some space. Just soil on the roof, insulation in the walls and electricity to install. On Tuesday night we had an enormous rain storm and there were quite a few leaks in the house. In fact the bathroom was a deluge and re-roofing it has now jumped to the top of the priority list!

Took a break from the shed works today to help my neighbours friend Philippe clear the land around the ruin he has bought between my house and Pinsou. I felled and logged numerous trees before a long lunch at Pinsou. Barely sratched the surface but have 3 trailer loads of logs and the wood pile is looking healthier. Some big trees to bring down tomorrow.

It's the Aleu fete this weekend and Claude once again will be making the introductions.

Al, thanks for the book on woodland permaculture - it's great.

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