lundi 17 septembre 2007


The weather dawned clear and Meteo France revised it's forecast to thunderstorms in the afternoon and then rain and strong winds tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. The tarpaulins are pretty ropey in strong winds, so I decided to attempt to fit the ply for the lead gutter to the last gable, then strip the roof and insulation and fix the new felt and battens today - hoping that the rain would hold off until the evening.

Halfway through stripping the insulation, as I tore out a big piece of fibreglass (vile, horrible stuff, should be banned), I realised there was a snake in it! A black and yellow Western Whip Snake - Mrs Whippy I think, perhaps 3 feet long. I don't know who was more shocked! She slid onto the ridge beam. Everytime I tried to reach her with a long stick she disappeared into the recesses of the roof between felt and ceiling boarding. Hopefully she found a way out - otherwise I might have company tonight, a duvet being the next best thing to glassfibre.

Just as the roof was ready for felting the black clouds rolled in and the thunder started. In a race against the weather I managed to staple the felt to the roof (rather haphazardly) before the heavens opened, though with strong winds and the felt flapping around, I didn't manage to escape some water ingress. Eventually the rain eased and working in wet weather gear I refixed the felt and every other batten before nightfall.

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Anonyme a dit…

I bet Mrs Whippy here was just as surprised to see you, as you seeing here.
How rude, you moving in on a lady with a stick, hey??