jeudi 13 août 2009


Afternoon clouds spill over from spain

Still no chicks! Some more russian roulette of the most doubtful looking eggs produced only bag eggs and eggs. Took the broody hens off the nest but they were so distraut I didn't have the heart to take the eggs away. I culled those that looked doubtful and reassembled the remaining eggs (18) in two seperate nests, on which the two broody hens are now sitting. Hopefully the hen which has now been broody for nearly 4 weeks will be able to give it up, leaving the other hen on her eggs for another week.

Perhaps the hot weather has cooked the eggs, or maybe the first hen let the eggs go cold at some point? Of course Captain the cockerell's potency could be doubtful or as this is the hens first time sitting, maybe they haven't quite got the hang of it?

Yesterday I was helping at Justins and today some work at Pont de la Taule followed by an afternoon walk collecting mushrooms.

2 commentaires :

samthegardener65 a dit…

I just love that picture. A most excellent shot. Hope the Justin didn't work you too hard.

Lee Sharp a dit…

He gets what he's given! Got a fair bit done in the downstairs loo, when he gets some decking I'll finish the balcony.