samedi 15 août 2009

Hottest day at Quélé far

Today in the sun the thermometer read 47 degrees...I think that's the hottest I've seen here though temperatures are set to continue so who knows if we'll make 50 degrees. Amazing sunset after a threatening storm which never materialised.
Stalking deer between 6 and 9 this morning but saw nothing. So far all the deer (4) I've tracked since the start of the stalking season (comprising weekends in August) have turned out to be females - I only have permission to shoot a male.

Then field one got a good shortback and sides, before the heat became too much and I retreated for a siesta. Mini got her horn trimmed in the afternoon (it was growing towards her head) which she didn't like. Still no chicks.

This courgette may not be the biggest in the world, but I thought I better pick it before it deflected the earths crust! Its over well 50cm long and weighs 12 lbs (5.5kgs).

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