dimanche 27 février 2011

Susie, Jasper and Ruby visit - part 2

The weather finally improved on Thursday/Friday and everyone got a taste of the heat here even in February. Friday was Ruby's birthday so we all went skiing. The first time for Susie and the kids, but they all did really well and enjoyed themselves.

Le jeudi/vendredi, le beau temps est arrivé enfin et mes visiteurs ont senti la chaleur de fevrier. Vendredi etait l'anniversaire de Ruby et nous avons fait du ski. Le premier fois pour Susie et les enfants, mais ils ont aimé beaucoup.

During the week we also made some sausages, tapped birch trees for their sap and made some birch syrup (delicious with pancakes).

Pendant le semaine nous avons fais les saucisses, ramassé le sevre de bouleau et avons fais du syrop (délicieuse avec les crêpes)
The girls having a snooze

Jasper had his first attempts at shooting an air rifle and he did really well - hitting a sub-10mm bullseye at 15m from a standing position and achieving excellent grouping.

Jasper a fais son premier essaye à tirer un carabine d'air comprimer.
Jasper shooting
Ruby's birthday
Lichens and fungii

On Sunday afternoon the snow started and by Monday morning there was 20cm. The snowplough was late so we had to set out for the airport regardless. No bother for the car but it was slow going and we only just made the check in. In fact I had to plead with the airline staff to let them board (even though I secretly wished they'd have to stay).

La neige a commencé de tomber dimanche l'apres-midi et lundi il y avais 20cm. La chasse neige etait tardif mais néanmoins nous sommes parti à l'aéroport. Nous avons progessé lentement et ils ont manqué presque l'avion.

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