mardi 10 janvier 2012

AVIVA insurance "taking the piss"

I've been driving since 1985 and never made an insurance claim, but do you think I can get a UK insurer to recognise this? In France I have 6 years no claims bonus (or a Coefficient de reduction-Majoration of 0.68). Because I haven't had insurance in the UK for more than 2 years, I now have 0 years no claims bonus.

I got an insurance quote and the broker said that the underwriter AVIVA would accept my French CRM provided I got the relevent documents from my insurers and had them translated into English, which I have spent the last 5 days doing. Now it transpires that AVIVA won't accept the statement of CRM, but must have a letter from the french insurer stating the number of years without a claim, they then want this letter translated into English by a certified translator, then the translation of the letter to be printed by the French Insurance Company on their headed paper, then the reprinted translated letter to be sent back to the translator to be officially stamped, then the stamped reprinted translation of the original letter to be sent to AVIVA in the UK for consideration as to whether or not they will accept it. I can guess what the answer will be.

If I had car insurance with AVIVA in the UK and decided to move to Iceland, I wonder if they would agree to translate all my car insurance documents into Icelandic and get them officially certified for me?

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zaloette a dit…

Buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh the common administrative tasks that get people crazy. Incredible they asked for a translation of it and incredible that insurances lose their "compatibility" when going to other country

Patience! I guess