jeudi 19 janvier 2012

Windows, walls and tractors

A beautiful day with clear skies, cool air and hot sun. In the morning I added some new mouldings to the windows which had leaked in the storm in December. Then I put silicon between the timber beads and the glass and mastic between the frames and sub-frames. Hopefully that should sort it out!
After a quick lunch I pressed on with finishing the retaining wall and clearing the pile of rubble next to the new entrance. All finished but before i could take a picture John and Nat arrived.

Nat had managed to get his little tractor stuck in one of the fields below Pinsou - the engine wouldn't start and it sounded terminal to me. About 100m of rope and a pulley were required to pull it out with John's landrover. I was middleman relaying commands and retying the rope when required. Once on the road the job wasn't over as we had to get the tractor into the barn. John's landrover couldn't pull it up the muddy track, so I went to get my jimny which did the trick. The last manoeuvre required all our effort as we had to push the thing into the barn manually.

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Alun a dit…

The house looks great. Can't see any sign of snow though. Maybe that is a good thing with tractor shunting?

We seam to have battery issues with Vinnie at the moment and having to charge him up daily. Alternator belt changed recently so maybe that has something to do with it. In the garage this avo for the van and Breezy is going for a new set of Rando boots.

I have run out of places to put all the snow off the driveway of the chalet so thinking about piling it up and burning it.