lundi 7 janvier 2013

Back to light and sun...

...but it wasn't an easy journey! Late Sunday night whilst packing I realised that I had mislaid my passport. After retracing my steps I realised that I had left it with a van hire company last Friday when I helped someone move to London. Of course the company's Totnes offices were closed on Sunday night, but my flight left Bristol at 10.30am so I had to catch the 6.50am train from Totnes!

I waited outside their offices before dawn in case someone turned up luck. I watched my train leave with out me. I figured that if I took the car instead and left it at the airport, I could leave Totnes no later than 7.55am and if there were no delays and I could push to the front of queues, I might possibly make the flight.

I returned home fetched the car and waited outside the offices once more. At 7.50 someone turned up and I was soon speeding (literally) towards Bristol, passport in hand. As I headed through Cleeve things were looking very tight. I was running out of petrol and time. Then just when it looked like it would all work out, just a few miles from the airport, all the drivers of on-coming cars started indicating that I should turn around. I knew if I did and took another route, I would miss the flight. I kept going and finally arrived at the scene of an accident. A milk tanker had collided with an on coming car. No-one was hurt but the two vehicles were blocking the road.

The passengers of three or four cars got out and together they bounced the car sideways (it was missing it's front wing and one of the wheels was mangled) until it was possible for the tanker to pull forward. It took a few minutes but things were once again looking possible.

I found a space to park and ran (much to my slowly healing broken foot's discomfort) to the terminal. Fortunately there was no queue at security and without any luggage I was able to get to the gate with a minute to spare.

Grey and misty in and around Toulouse but glorious sunshine from St Girons onwards.

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