mardi 15 janvier 2013

Still snowing!!

The snow is dumping it down harder than ever this morning (perhaps another 20cm last night) but no sign of the wind yet. The electricity has flicked off a few times this morning. Normally we'd be without, as every year heavy snow would mean trees falling across the power lines below the village. This summer at great expense the line from Aleu to Biert was put underground. Unfortunately between Aleu and Pinsou is still above ground and  from Quelebu to the transformer at Pinsou is still through the forest. 

If the electricity goes off the main problem is that the central heating pump stops on the rayburn and there's precious little gravity circulation on my system. Every winter I say I must get an inverter so I can run the pump off a 12V battery and every summer I forget!

There was talk of skiing today at Guzet with Ian and Jason - but with the quantities of snow and the approaching blizzard I can't see that being sensible, even if it was possible to get to Guzet.

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David a dit…

Was looking at your pics yesterday, very jealous, we're hoping for some snow here on Friday. Hope you get a good day in the powder and your foot holds up. Fingers crossed for the electric.