jeudi 28 novembre 2013

Back to the Pyrenees!

 A lot of snow fell here last weekend (2m in the mountains) and although it's compacted not much has melted.

 I arrived home at sunset.  It had been 3 degrees in Toulouse but in the sun it felt like 20 and I was happy in just a T-shirt. Once the sun goes down though the temperature quickly drops to -6 or so. House was remarkably warm despite this and the rayburn is quickly warming things up.

The snow falling on the trees which hadn't fully shed their leaves has caused a lot of damage and the road from Kerkabanac to Aleu is littered with fallen trees. It's not so bad up here as the May snow a few years back took down most of trees which were susceptible, but I haven't had a good look yet. Most the fences are down though.

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