vendredi 29 novembre 2013

Today I spent most of the day at Pont de la Taule Plumbing in a new water cylinder. My tenants had called me on Monday to say they had no hot water, so I bought a new cylinder when I arrived in Toulouse yesterday. Although the size was correct, most of the connections were in different places to the old one so there were quite a few modifications to make - it took until 4.00pm. Home in time to cut some firewood and light the Rayburn and fire to warm the house.

Although I haven't got out to look around properly today, evidently there is more damage than I first thought. Electricity and phones have been cut off for some days and my neighbours were unable to leave their homes because of the number of fallen trees across the roads.

More snow due tomorrow. As the trailer is buried in a snow drift, I'll be mostly waxing skis and visiting friends tomorrow.


Snow sliding off Philippe's shed roof

Home after a day's plumbing

Just after sunset

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