samedi 29 décembre 2018

Chemin de Liberté

The beautiful sunny weather continues (and is set to continue for at least the next 2 weeks) so as there was no change over to be done on the gîte, Susie, Sandrine and I went for a stroll, starting from the Col de la Core and following the Chemin de Liberté (one of the routes used during WWII to get servicemen and woman out of Nazi occupied France) until a little way past the Cabane Subera.

The path traverses the flank of the ridge which heads northwards from Mont Valier, crossing a succession of wooded spurs which divide the flank into four or five grassy coombes each with a cabane.

At this time of year the walk is marked by south facing side of each coombe being hot and in full sun and then the north facing side being icy cold and still carrying lots of clothing changes.  

We had our lunch at La Lauze 1653m, a grassy plateau high above the Cabane Subera which was in the sun just long enough for us to eat, as soon as the sun dipped behind Pic de Lasirouge, we made a hasty retreat.

Some beautiful light for photography.

Susie collected some Lichen to make a garland, but after smelling it changed her mind as she said it smelt like a deer's bum!

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