mardi 25 décembre 2018

Last week Jasper made a flying visit to us for a few days, he was glad of some sunshine and we made a few local walks together up to Joubac and into the snow at Guzet.

Dani and Serge's on the way to Joubac

The weather has stayed warm and dry for Christmas. Inspired by watching bake-off we thought we'd have a go at the "seven veils" cake that the was the challenge for the finals. Very complicated but all went perfectly until the final step - the mirror glaze - we didn't have a thermometer to know exactly when to add the gelatin and rather like bryony's cake in the finals, our glaze isn't exactly mirror like. It does however taste delicious and all our layers (seven in total) are equal. Not quite worthy of a Paul Hollywood handshake but I reckon we did pretty good.

This year has marked by the shambles that is brexit and after the recent chaos a "no-deal brexit" looks more and more likely, so Susie and I have had to make sure we are as protected as we can be from potential fall-out. It's been an expensive and time consuming operation. We will shortly receive our carte de séjours, I'm now registered as an Architecte in France and Susie still waiting to hear about her registration as a Professeur de Danse.

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