samedi 4 novembre 2006


Went to the market in St Girons this morning and bought a nice Afghan hat. The market was busy and Philippe my neighbour, who sells his honey there, showed me the empty space next to his stall ready for me to sell eggs, saucisson and pork chops!

L'apero with Claude and arrangements for a walk tomorrow with Sandrine, then it was time to try the Rayburn oven and the bath.

The roast chicken and roast potatoes cooked in the Rayburn were delicious. The bath, the first I'd had in over a year, (I usually shower thank-you) was fantastic - however I'd forgotten that I was going to make some plumbing alterations to facilitate emptying the bath afterwards. Lots of futile and frustrating fiddling with the sink waste and improvisation with funnels and hosepipe later...I conceded defeat and using some breather hose from the car managed to drain the bath out of the door! There was water everywhere but the floor needed a wash anyway!

Some more work required me thinks, for the effortless bathing experience.

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