lundi 27 août 2007


Frank and Sophie and the kids (Ollie, Louis, Dylan and Daisy) dropped in for the night on their way to Barcelona from Bordeaux. They'd been camping for a week close to Bordeaux near Europe's biggest sand dune.

It was good to catch up. I took the kids mushroom hunting in the evening and though we only found half a cep and a pied de mouton they seemed pleased enough and delighted in eating what they'd found.

A succession of visitors - Claude then Philippe and Sophie reminded them that remote doesn't necessarily mean isolated. Claude took great pleasure in talking to Sophie in Spanish and Catalan (Sophie grew up in Argentina).

The weather for last few days has been hot (36 in the shade and humid) and it seems summer has finally arrived. Very hot working on the roof and progress is now reduced to early morning and late evening. Three new steps built on the north gable - another eight to go.

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