jeudi 23 août 2007

Sick as a pig

Poor old Corbett is not well today. He was fine this morning but very lethargic at lunchtime, slept most of the day looking sorry for himself and barely touched his food (for a pig that's most unusual). Spoke with some fellow pig keeper's for advice...he's under observation and if he doesn't perk up in the next 24 hrs I'll have to give him some antibiotics.

Yesterday as it was raining I cleaned the Rayburn outside and in, flues and all, and gave it some cosmetic repairs to chipped enamel, etc.

Today I worked a bit on the second gable before the rain started again. Like most most french DIY it was built with masses of concrete (instead of mortar). My vision of it falling apart with one blow from a lump hammer where sadly incorrect - in fact after two hours of pounding I'd managed to dislodge three stones and one slab. It's so badly built I've got to take a lot down, the 'builder' obviously had a vague idea of building and inserted a DPC between the end of the blockwork and the start of the stonework but unfortunately he put it in the wrong place and its directed all moisture and rain ingress onto the rafter against the wall which he'd wrapped in insulation. Of course it's rotted away and in fact there's virtually nothing left except dust. Decided the demolition would need a 'kango' hammer if works are to stay on programme (particularly given the current inclement weather). Hiring one proved v expensive but Mr Bricolage (the local B&Q) had a special offer machine for just £40! Made in China it's very unsofisticated but has a whopping 1500W motor. No brain, lots of muscle sounds perfect for demolition.

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