vendredi 29 août 2008

Drying Mushrooms

After collecting 4 basketfuls of 'horn of plenty' mushrooms and drying them I have finally filled my 1.5 litre jar. As mushrooms are mostly water, they shrink a lot. 'Horn of plenty' are nothing special normally, but dried they have taken on a whole new flavour and strength - the house is full of a mushroom aroma.

This morning the suzuki managed brilliantly towing 7 trailer loads of hay between the field and the barn on my new piste. It was a bit worrying in places because of the camber, but the cars' centre of gravity is resonably low. I still haven't found a tractor but the jimny is making a good substitute for the moment. I think I can get to one of the last remaining two haycocks with the car - but the barn is very nearly full, so will probably use the inaccessible one for autumn feed, carrying each days requirement on my back.

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