mercredi 7 septembre 2011

All Change!

No more staircase in the living room
Doorway to our bedroom at first floor - but what to
do with the huge oak traversing the doorway?

2 commentaires :

Anonyme a dit…

why was the beam put there? What was it's original function? Is it still needed to perform that function? If not, cut it. If yes, can it be cut once each end has been secured to the stone wall on each side of the opening with metal plates so that once cut, the remaining lengths won't move.

Lee Sharp a dit…

It's the bottom tie beam in a truss that was there before the current wall (through I've just made a hole) existed. it's on the bedroom side of of the wall not in it. It only supports the ridge beam (probably) but the problem is that the chimney is built around/on it, so I can't let it deflect in case it levers the chimney over! Bolting to the wall is the simplest solution.