dimanche 11 septembre 2011

Pressing on

It's been incredibly hot for the last few days (38 in the shade) but today has been thankfully cooler.

The day before yesterday I finished knocking through to our bedroom, cut through the oak truss (the tie beam of which is securely bolted to the wall), fitted the oak frame, hung the door and finished the flooring.
Yesterday I had a huge clear up - burning the mountain of offcuts, cleaning out all the new buildings, using the mounds of spoil in front the house to fill behind the retaining wall of the last extension.
Today my neighbours collected some the surplus rocks and I've been plastering the scar from the staircase removal (the whole in the floor has already been boarded in and painted) and fitting the last windows.
A planned walk for tomorrow will have to wait until Thursday - I need to get provisions. Meantime I'll crack on with finding a door and cladding the extension.

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