vendredi 30 septembre 2011

A lovely week in Totnes. Some paid work kitchen fitting, an outing to the theatre to see Slava's Snow Show - excellent clowning, a walk on the moor and Susie got her wedding dress, a 1930's antique.
Back home and on with the roof. Some fiddling with the tilting fillet then on with slating. Slow progress and difficult to find a rhythm. Eventually I emptied and moved one of the crates of slates which was in the way which helped...but the slates are thick, the battens hardened in the sun and the copper nails soft.
The weather is still hot here and has been for several weeks. A little rain is forecast for Wednesday.

3 commentaires :

Anonyme a dit…

When is the weeding by the way?

Lee Sharp a dit…

5th June 2012...invitations being sent out in next few weeks.

penny a dit…

I need a 'weeding' dress - my day-to-day frocks are starting to look decidedly mucky thanks to my 'weeding' activities ;-)