mercredi 7 octobre 2015

All done for this trip

Getting the window frame into the existing oak lintel in window no 2 was a bastard and then halfway through rebuilding the wall above window no 1 the heavens opened - I'd just made a barrow load of mortar so had to continue until it was all used and was soaked through. Today was finishing off, a major clear up of stones and starting the demolition of the stairs.

What to do with the mountain of stone from making the openings and the demolished stair? A wall 5 feet thick which I'll eventually top with soil and plant. There's still half the stair to demolish and a doorway to make so it'll probably be another foot higher.

The partially demolished stair, revealing the little window I carefully protected when I built the stair.

Finally the hippies who set up their caravan camp in the woods just up the road last spring, returned this afternoon with another caravan and a friend also with a caravan! My heart sank (they have been a nuisance with several marauding wild dogs which they spend most their time shouting expletives at). However, after a few hours they departed - I guess they took what they wanted from the old caravan which has broken windows and have abandoned it together with all the pots, pans, rubbish, gas bottles, etc. for someone else to deal with, usually the Mairie....which means all the inhabitants of the commune foot the bill. (This has happened several times since I've lived here). I have no problem with people living in the woods if they leave it as they find it...but I have zero tolerance for these polluters.

Back again soon to make a door opening, organise some excavations and a temporary electricity supply.

3 commentaires :

Philippe a dit…

Salut Lee!
Beau travail.
Si tu veux je veux bien quelques pierres pour remonter mon mur en ruine derrière la maison.
A bientôt,

gabriele gray a dit…

Are those bundles left from the thatching in photo #2?

Lee Sharp a dit…

Philippe tu es bienvenue de ramasser quelques pierres....ils sont lourd!

Gabrielle, yes they are left over from thatching. Those four bundles are very short for finishing at the ridge, all the other bundles are at least twice as long and I have about 120 of them left over or recycled from the house, they'll be used to put a dormer window in the barn.