mardi 20 octobre 2015

Lightning visit

A few days back in france, to meet with the ErDF (electricity board) who had to cancel and Jean-Marc Sentenac who can hopefully do some excavation around the barn, dig the services trenches and eventually put in the septic tank. He's very busy and I'll be lucky if he can do the excavation work around the barn this year...I might have to hire a digger and do it myself.

Most of my short stay (even the nights) was taken up with Architecture work in the UK, where a project I'm running has been slipping further and further into the red and despite my constant warnings heads have remained firmly in the sand. It wasn't until the contractor issued his draft final account on Friday that "the shit hit the fan". It's been an incredibly stressful time.

Still I grabbed a couple of spare hours and finished demolishing most of the barn stair, burnt the 7 big bonfires, dismantled the chicken coop and took down some fencing.

Staircase mostly gone

 wall getting bigger!

2 commentaires :

gabriele gray a dit…

Demolishing the stairs and doing the burning must have been somewhat therapeutic. I put off doing major pruning until I'm stressed out and then sharpen the tools and have at it.
Not on the scale of your work or your headaches but just seeing the results (as planned!) can work some of the stress out.
Hope there is a productive resolution soon. It's too bad there's no insurance against someone else's stupidity...

Lee Sharp a dit…

Just wishing it's over soon.