samedi 11 janvier 2020

Tractor day 2

The morning was spent restocking our firewood in the house, which took longer without the tractor. After finishing the bobbins for Susie's spinning wheel (I've been waiting since Christmas for some brass tube to arrive), it was time to press on with the tractor again.

After checking that the hydraulic pump hadn't seized as this might have been blocking the engine from turning, it was time to attack the main engine. A lot of bits to remove before I could get to the head. The injectors, rocker arms, fuel lines, exhaust manifold (very choked with carbon inside), air intake and lots of other bits of bodywork and support. I took off the first head (it's a 2 cylinder 2 litre engine). Thankfully the cylinder and piston both look OK, the connecting rod bearing was stuck, it'll need to be replaced and after removing it the engine is turning. Still have to inspect the crankshaft for damage but at first glance its looks OK.

Things are looking more hopeful. If I just need to clean and rebuild, replacing gaskets, copper washers, the oil pressure sensor, the connecting rod bearings, oil and filters. I could get away with 150 euros of parts and 4-5 days of work. I'll find out for sure tomorrow.

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