vendredi 10 janvier 2020

Tractor problems

The tractor (an Antonio Carraro Tigre 2700) is probably our most useful tool. It transports our firewood, hay, building materials, etc, cuts the fields, makes hay, harrows, pulls cars out of ditches, fallen trees out of the fields, and mulches branches.

On Wednesday it sudden died whilst operating the mulcher. After a couple of tries at restarting it seized.

After removing the sump and some other exploratory work it seems the oil pressure sensor was broken and so I didn't notice it was low on oil - the oil pump may also have failed. Crankshaft looks OK from underneath.  The next step is to take off the head and see how bad the damage is internally. Hoping I can rebuild the engine if the head isn't damaged.

The engine a ruggerini RD220 isn't made anymore, though parts are still available. Haven't been able to find any reconditioned engines on-line.

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