mardi 4 juillet 2006

Je suis arrive

Another 21 hour epic in the suzuki, left the UK at 6.00am and arrived at quelebu 3am. The unbearable heat and noise of the journey were a killer, traffic in Paris was gridlocked and the cockpit temparature was 45 degrees wonder people die in the Paris heatwaves!

Hot and humid here and all my efforts to clear the field last spring are now laid to waste, the vegetation is 6 feet high! Scythed the front garden and unpacked the first car load of stuff. Tomorrow will start clearing the old shed of rubbish in readiness for the demolition.

2 commentaires :

Shrink Immaculate a dit…

All the best for your adventure. Keep me posted.

Anonyme a dit…

"Mumsy" here, Is this the only way to get mentioned on your site !! Glad you've arrived safely. Good luck with all of your endeavours be well and keep us updated.