vendredi 1 mai 2009


More heavy rain arrived yesterday evening (at the same time as my two new lambs). It continued throughout the night and by morning the barn was flooded (again). The sheep stayed outside in the downpour all day - not surprising as the barn had been turned into a slurry pit and all the straw was sodden.

After removing all the bedding, I set to work digging trenches around the barn to try and relieve the flood waters - hard work with a pickaxe trying to get through stiff clay and assorted rocks. By lunchtime I was soaked to the skin and hadn't made much difference to the flooding situation. I was out of straw and today is the May holiday in France so everywhere was closed. Concerned that the new arrivals who have never been outside before and have little wool to speak of, might get chilled without any straw, especially as they'd been out in the monsoon all day - straw had to be found. Alban the farmer in the next valley saved my bacon (or lamb) and gave me half a round bale. The rain eventually stopped in the early evening and after some more trenching I eventually unearthed two drainage holes in the exterior wall and the much of the water in the barn was released.

Sadly Claude, my dear friend and neighbour, has passed away. He had heart surgery about 3 weeks ago following a heart attack and never regained consciousness. I will miss him greatly.

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Paul Hadfield a dit…

Hi Lee - was Claude the gentleman we sat with at his house when I vsited last year - the Avalanche trip? If so what a shame - he was a lovely guy - sorry to hear of his passing.