jeudi 14 mai 2009

Still no sheep

The works at Justin's are pretty much finished for me now - oak balcony and roof structure complete. Today I recommenced the work at Pont de la Taule and am aiming to get the kitchen done in the next week or so.

Still no sign of Una, I search most evenings. There are some rough dogs staying in the woods with Mariesa (who lives in a tent in the woods below my house) one is the biggest dog I have probably ever seen in my life - Pitbull/Great Dane cross? I am noticing it's enormous paw prints everywhere in the woods now.  A farmer in the next valley lost 22 sheep last autumn before the culprit was finally identified (and shot I presume) - it turned out to be a dog from the next village (Soulan) which got a taste for lamb.

This evening I have put up little posters asking for everyone to keep an eye out for her...only as I pinned up the last one I noticed a typing mistake.  Instead of typing "Si vous la voyez, appelez moi" (if you see her, call me) I have typed "Si vous la volez appelez moi" (if you stole her, call me).  I'll have to alter them tomorrow.

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