lundi 2 novembre 2009

Climbing at Calames

Hunting Saturday and climbing Sunday.
La chasse le Samedi et l'escalade la Dimanche.

I haven't climbed at all this year due to other commitments, so it was good to climb again. After breakfasting with Justin, Emily and the twins, I headed off to Calames with Patrick to rendezvous with Donna and a handful of other climbers from the other side of the Col de Port. Some nice routes at 5b and 5a+ made for an enjoyable day.

Je n'ai pas grimpé de tout cette année, donc c'etait bien de toucher une falaise! Après le petit dejeuner avec Justin Emily et les jumelles, je suis parti vers Calames avec Patrick de faire un rendezvouz avec Donna et des autres grimpeurs Tarasconais. Des belles routes de 5b et 5a+.

In the evening Donna played hostess and about 30 of us sat outside eating around a little fire. 4 of us had brought guitars and provided an improvised band. It was a great "jam". I don't often play with other musicians but it was really enjoyable and the audience was appreciative too.
At midnight the first few drops of rain started to fall and we bid a hasty retreat, a storm had soon arrived and the rain and wind stripped the trees of their leaves. The journey home was through a thick orange carpet of leaves, barely any tarmac visible on the road.

Le soir, une soirée à chez Donna avec 30 gens du coin. Le manger dehors au tour un braziere. Quatre personnes avec guitarres donc nous avons fait une bande. Un bon 'jam'. Il n'est pas souvent que j'ai fait de la musique ensemble des autres musicians - je l'ai aimé beaucoup. À minuit la pluie sont arrivé donc nous sommes partis. Dans le tempête le vent et la pluie tombais les feuilles et le rentré etait sur un tapis d'orange!

It's cold today with snow on the mountains again. All this week I'm pointing and plastering at Pont de la Taule again.

Aujourd'hui froid encore avec de la neige dans les montagnes. Toute la semaine je ferai les joints et platres au Pont de la Taule.

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mtnbiker404 a dit…

That looks fun. I'm envious of you. I think that would be the ideal life to live in France enjoying the beautiful scenery amongst the mountains with good friends to boot. Good for you.

Lee Sharp a dit…

Thanks. I guess I've been lucky enough to discover what makes me happy...and been able to shape my life accordingly.

Anonyme a dit…

all you need now is a good woman ...

Lee Sharp a dit…

...just a woman would do.

mtnbiker404 a dit…

Can I ask you the circumstances in which you began your 'adventure' there in France? It looks like something I'd like to do. I just don't know if I'd have the guts to pick up and leave all the creature comforts many of us are used to having and step out and try something completely different.

My e-mail is my user name at if you wouldn't mind writing sometime.

Thanks - Jeff