samedi 2 janvier 2010

New Year

New Years day I was fairly hungover after a drinking game at J and E's on New Years eve. I spent most of NYD making about 5 kgs of sausages and 3 kgs of saucisson sec which are now drying the barn.
Le premier Janvier j'ai la gueule de bois aprés un jeu de boire à chez Justin et Emily. J'ai pris toute la journée faisant les saucisses et les saucission sec.
I also made a start on carding the sheep fleeces ready for some felt making later in the year. It's going to take a long time to card it all.
Aussi j'ai commencé de carder la laine avant faire le feutre. il prends beaucoup des temps.

I have added a short film to the "work and play" post a few days ago.

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