mercredi 30 décembre 2009

Warm, very warm.

I fenced the field in front of the house this morning in bright, sunny and very warm weather (low 20's in the sun).

Mid afternoon I collected half a pig from Justin (part payment for the carpentry works at his house last spring). Two years ago I butchered my first took days to process all the meat, today a little over two hours and it's all done except the sausages! Last time I made some bacon but it wasn't a great success, I'm having another go using the brine method rather than salting.

Le matin j'ai cloturé le pré devant chez moi en plein soliel (24 dégrées). L'après-midi j'ai cherché un demi cochon de Justin. Il y a deux ans j'ai coupé mon premier prends plusier jours, aujourd'ui ca prends deux heures moins les saucisses! Cette année j'essaie des poitrines dans saumure.

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