jeudi 17 décembre 2009


Still very cold here and still plugging away at the staircase. Should be almost done when Rupert arrives on Saturday.

Très froid encore et j'ai continué de travailler sur l'escalier. Il sera presque finir quand Rupert arrive le Samedi.

3 commentaires :

lg a dit…

Woaw Hi, super blog, happy to find you..

just purchased land near Bagnères de Bigorre and trying to set up something slowly. Will keep coming back to this page.


Anonyme a dit…

Complicated joint, imagine doing it old school, without the router! Chip

Lee Sharp a dit…

Nearly all that particular joint was done with hand tools! I don't have a router bit that can plunge deep enough for the mortices or one of the right diameter for the nosing, so it was done with a brace and bit and a mortice chisel. The router does makes the tread, riser and wedge housings in the string a lot quicker though.