mardi 8 décembre 2009

Router problem

Having finished half the new fencing and with the oak finally here, today I made start on Rupert's stair. I had only routed out the strings for three of the treads when the brand new router cutter threw one of it's TCT teeth, damaging the stair template, but fortunately not the oak!

Avoir finir un moitie de la clôture et avec le bois ici enfin, aujourd'hui j'ai commencè de fabriquer l'escalier pour Rupert. Mais après seulement trois pas un problème technique.
It's an expensive bit (about £60) so I called up the manufacturer "Trend UK" who also make the stair template. They were very apologetic and instantly offered to replace both parts, no questions asked, and are despatching them to me by courier tonight. Excellent service.

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