jeudi 25 mars 2010

Never, ever get agricultural implements delivered.

After the fiasco of getting my tractor delivered from Italy to France, I thought I'd try getting a chain harrow delivered from the UK. Despatched on the 9th March it went with who actually use FedEx to do the couriering. It then sat in Frankfurt for 10 days until I started asking questions...apparently the outer packaging was damaged - but no-one actually thought to do anything about it. Duly prompted, the packaging was repaired and the harrow was back on it's way via Paris and Toulouse.

Apparently it was delivered and signed for yesterday morning...only not to the correct address or signed for by the correct person. The package even had my contact phone numbers on it.

I am now trying to trace the harrow's whereabouts. Only I have to talk to interparcel, and they talk to FedEx, who probably talk to another courier.

3 commentaires :

mtnbiker404 a dit…

Wow... that's a crazy story. Who knew having something delivered could be so much trouble. I hope things get straightened out soon.

Paul Hadfield a dit…

Sounds about right. Couriers are useless. They make mistakes and tell lies. I hate them. I have to deal with this kind of issue most days, which is why I look so old this week! The difference is I get paid for the trouble, which sweetens the pill somewhat.

Lee Sharp a dit…

Finally arrived at 6.00pm on Friday.