mardi 9 mars 2010


After feeding the sheep with some corn and the last of the hay I made an early start for Guzet picking Ian up on the way. The fresh snow seemed a little heavier than we had hoped but there was plenty to go around and we were soon enjoying it. We were joined by Sandrine, Jason and Fi, though Emily was unable to make it. The snow continued for most of the day and although the visibility was very poor in the afternoon, we took to skiing through the trees (easier in the poor visibility) and found some great powder stashes in some new off-piste areas. A great days skiing was had by all.

Après J'ai donné la manger aux brébis je suis parti très tôt à Guzet avec Ian. La nouvelle neige etait un peu plus lourde que nous ésperions mais il y a beaucoup. Sandrine, Jason et Fi ont nous joint. Il neigeais touts la journée et malgre la brume dans l'après-midi nous avons trouvé les endroits avec la poudre bien légère hors piste. Un bon ski pour tous.

The high winds of last week have caused plenty of damage at Guzet. The chairlift up Freychet has chairs wrapped around the cable, which itself has become unhooked from several pylons. A large tower crane also blew over at the station.

Les vents forts de la semaine dernière a fait les degats à Guzet. La remontée méchanique de Freychet est décrochée et une grande grue est tombé.

Then after dropping Ian and Sandrine off at Castet d'Aleu, it was back to St Girons where I managed to find some hay and more corn for the sheep. They were looking hungry when I finally got home at 6.30 to feed them.

J'ai laissé Ian et Sandrine à Castet d'Aleu, puis je suis allé à St Girons ou j'ai trouvé du foin et de la mais pour les brébis. Elles ont faim quand j'ai rentré à 18.00.

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