mardi 26 juillet 2011

Break through!

A big demolition day today as Justin and I broke through the wall between my house and the ruin. Heavy, dirty work with percussion drills, hammers and crowbars. As is often the case the building dictated where the opening could go. The plans changed numerous times as we encountered huge granite blocks just where we didn't want them. In the end we have had to place the lintols and support them with acro props. The supporting walls will have to be built or shuttered in concrete later.

The mess was extreme and it's taken three hours to get the house reasonable ship shape. But the space is going to be amazing. Can't wait for Susie, Jasper and Ruby to see it.

The rain has continued unabated all day, but tonight it seems to be coming to an end....I hope so for the next three days I'm back on the roof.

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