lundi 4 juillet 2011

A mammoth day

14 hours today but the roof is up!

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gabriele gray a dit…

Wow! congratulations.
I used to live in a very rural (middle of national forest) area in northwestern California and saw some homes built (but never with stone below) and it has been wonderful to follow the progress of the work--fallen/falling down walls converted into firm ones, chaos into order--and now a roof structure that brings the whole thing into a clear view of what the whole house will become.
Your angle cuts have a beauty all their own (none of the 'enough nails will hold it in place fine') and I love the way the addition is going to be an outgrowth of the original house--not an 'add-on'.
What a pleasure, thank you.

Lee Sharp a dit…

Thanks. Still a long way to go including another smaller extension all in wood (to the left).