lundi 8 février 2010

brmm! brmm! and brrr! brrr!

One of my neighbours - Fabien (who it has to be said is a bit accident prone) managed to roll her car a little way up the road from Quélébu yesterday. Fortunately no-one was hurt.
Une de mes voisines - Fabien (elle est sujet des accidents) a roulé sa voiture pres de Quélebu. Hereusement, elle est OK.

I spent much of this afternoon high up on Jon's roof, sitting astride the ridge, trying to unblock his chimney - alas without much luck. From there I could see the snow which is falling on the mountains slowly descending. Forecast is for another cold snowy spell until at least the weekend.
J'ai pris l'après midi sur le tôit de Jon, essayant de nettoyer sa cheminée - sans reussi. Dela j'ai pu voir la neige qui tomber sur les montagnes. On attends plus de neige ici jusqu'au le weekend.

The staircase I built for Rupert is now safely installed in the UK.
Ci dessous l'escalier que j'ai fabriqué pour Rupert dans Royaume-Uni.

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Anne a dit…

Looks really nice ! (The stairs...)