lundi 29 septembre 2008

Boeuf and roofs

Yesterday after a spot of finishing off on the garage I headed for the Beouf in Massat. A huge spit roasted bull for all the people of the Canton (district). Justin and Emily phoned to say they weren't going and Penny and Andy didn't show, but I bumped into a few people I knew and spent most the afternoon with Austin (who butchered one of my pigs for John and Sandrine) and some of his friends (who knew me through my blog!). Forgot my camera for the second year running so no photos.

In the evening injections for Jeanie then l'apero with Claude and Susan.

Today a trip to the sawmill for a few extra pieces of wood and the fixings for the roof sheets on the woodshed. Fixing these has proved to be a pain in the arse and this evening I'm only a little over halfway my day in the mountains tomorrow is postponed as Wednesday I have to go to Foix and Thursday rain is forecast. Hopefully all done tomorrow and photos of the fruits of my labour.

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