samedi 20 septembre 2008

Woodshed and Mushrooms

Woodshed no more, just my new concrete post bases.

After fitting the chainsaw with a new needle bearing and sprocket I finished tidying up the remains of the old woodshed, logging the old rotten beams and posts. I have built a homemade dumpy level out of a clinometer and a camera tripod and was hoping to take the levels on the foundations, but there was no-one around to hold the ranging pole.

Some mushroom collecting - chanterelles, horn of plenty, hedgehog of the woods and amethyst deceivers was followed by some sheep shearing (well trimming). It's strange, some the sheep just love having their fleece cut, they go into a sort of chance with constant tail wagging. Mini, however doesn't like it and it was she who I was trimming. She's worked out she can get under the electric fence by taking the wire on her horns then letting in slip onto the big pad of wool on the back of her neck. She 's the only one with wool there, or at least she was until I trimmed it off. Hopefully she'll now get an electric shock like all the others when she tries to get out of the field.

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