mardi 16 septembre 2008


A beautiful sunny clear day yesterday revealing snow on the mountains. Spent all day at Justin and Emily's helping them with carpentry on the barn they are building.

Today I spent the day moving a years worth of firewood out of the woodshed so that I could get access to cast some concrete pads on which to put new timber columns (replacing the existing rotten ones). Cast five pads bringing the total to eleven - two more to do.

My planning application to rebuild/enlarge the woodshed was refused on the basis that rebuilding the existing woodshed exactly the same as it is currently, would be out of keeping with the existing buildings? Very strange.

Anyhow, I will now have to repair the existing woodshed instead - which amounts to the same thing.

Leia is back with the flock and seems to be happier, apart from being lame (a symptom of blue tongue) she's back to normal.

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