jeudi 11 septembre 2008


The explosives were finally taken away today from Pont de la Taule and hopefully I should soon have a revised quote for installing a sceptic tank. Meantime I've started knocking doorway number two through one of the half metre thick walls. Although, getting through was not too difficult, the lower couple of feet is a solid outcrop of marble and the rest is composed of enormous blocks, so it's very difficult to get a plumb door jamb without de-stabilising the whole wall. May have to call in some help. More trips to the dump - amazing how even an 'empty' house can contain so much junk.

Leia is a bit brighter today, but might take her to the vet tomorrow for an obligatory blood test and another anti-inflammatory injection. Weather has turned and is cold and mosquitos wondering whether to put Leia back with the other sheep for a few days as she is quite stressed away from the herd and spends all day with her nose pressed to the fence hoarsely trying to bleat to her half-sisters, who respond.

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