jeudi 5 avril 2007

Animal Farm

Double click the image to read the text on the hen house.

This morning I quickly put the finishing touches to the chicken run (a weather cock!) then set off in search of poultry. High above Seix I visited a little farm which I had been reliably informed had loads of poultry, including the much prized 'Cuckoo de Rennes' (talking of which I heard the first cuckoo yesterday). But alas he had none - the buzzard took them all (me thinks perhaps my run better have a roof!). I asked about pigs. (I had already asked the local butcher but he could only offer me carcases!) He suggested the guy I was going to see anyway in Galas - M. Alban Sentenac - but suggested he might have chickens too.

Onwards to Galas, just a few minutes drive from home. Once the family had all gathered I was taken to see the pigs. Black and very hairy and confined to the tiniest of dark 'cells'. The sow would have a litter which would be available in 2 months (ready to eat perhaps next spring). I hadn't planned on animals over the winter so asked if he had 'any' to sell. Out came 3 three month old porkers - I plumped for the two smallest. Cochon noir (I have since found out we call them Large Blacks or Cornish Blacks). Big, good mannered, grazers and a good outdoor animal. Then he showed me the boar. I think he said it was 4 or 5 years old. I can only describe it as a rhinocerous in an over size gorilla suit! I've seen smaller cars.

Next I asked about chickens - a barn door was opened and out came about 60 ducks and chickens. I said I'd take 4 hens and a cockerell.

All will be delivered early next week when I let him know I'm ready.

Meantime a hurried visit to St G to get foodstuffs, bedding, electric fence, etc. Then back home to try and finish the pig ark in double quick time. Not yet finished it and there's still 30 feet of hurdle fence to erect. With guests over the weekend I hope to be ready for receipt on Tuesday. It's kinda scary.

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Pigs and chickens will be fine in their house ! you've done a very good job !