mardi 17 avril 2007

Pigs test the boundaries

This evening the pigs got out of the field. After a week in their new home and perhaps because I was 20 minutes later than normal with their evening meal (l'apero at Claudes) they managed to force their way through the hazel fencing. The food bucket soon had them back in the field and a single strand of electric fence inside the hazel should keep them there! I'll soon be moving them to the other field anyway but in the meantime I want them to stay put.

This morning I made more spars (ready for fencing) from the arisings of the hedge I layed. In the afternoon I finished the initial digging of the potato and maize patch - which was heavy going. The soil is very clayey, compacted and absolutely full of roots, most of which are 1-2" in diameter. This year is just a test to see how the soil is, next year after the pigs have turned it all over and fertilized it, operations will be on a larger scale.

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Anonyme a dit…

Hi Lee,

I have started a daily photo blog about Ariège and put a link to your blog. Would you like to reciprocate? It's



Lee Sharp a dit…

Hi Kim

Have added link, plus I've added a link to, which I've been meaning to do for some time now.

Tracked down the guy with the mobile sawmill - will probably speak to him in the next few days.

See ya

Anonyme a dit…

I found the number of the thatcher in Massat:

Martial Dufils
05 61 04 71 98